Packing film

Packaging films are excellent products, which ensures stability of your product on the pallet and its preservation.

Packing film is extremely useful in the cycle of production and logistics, including warehousing.

Most of them are used together with cardboard angle through which your goods are not damaged.

Polypropylene Tape (PT) - applies to consignments being transported to a very great distance, with large size and weight not exceeding 500kg. Also used to protect small transport packets from unauthorized intrusion.

Polyester Tape (PET) - used by demanding customers, which is an important component of high strength and reliability of packaging the product and its safety during transportation. PET film can withstand heavy loads and distances. It represents a perfect replacement in terms of specifications - steel (metal) tape, and it is cheaper and safer to use.

Packing film can be secured by means of accessories - wire buckle, metal brace, plastic angle, cardboard angle.

We will give you any advice and assistance in choosing the right packaging tape.